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About JerseyDB.com

This website was designed by a collector for collectors. I can't tell you how many times I've been browsing one of the forums, seen a listing that peaks my interest, click on the owners "website" link only to be directed to a Webshots gallery -- a Webshots gallery that no longer exists since they purged everything when they rebranded as Smile.

Now, since I've always been pretty websavvy, I never used Webshots (or any other similar service) to showcase my own collection opting instead for my own full blown website.

It's not the most elaborate collector site out there. Not by a mile. I don't have time for that.

My design is simple and to the point -- a front and back photo and some consistent details on every item -- but I can't tell you how many positive comments I've received on it.

At an expo a few years ago, when I revealed my "UserName", everyone was gushing over how awesome my website was.

I felt like a celebrity for a second or two, in awe that so many people had seen my website, remembered it, and felt the need to tell me how great it was... to my face!

Of course, most of them went on to mention that my HUGE collection of mostly minor leager no-namers was pretty crappy in the grand scheme of things but I like to pretend that the conversations never got that far.

They did.

I digress.

So, yeah, since no one wants their collection on a site named "Smile", Flickr is way too confusing, and Facebook is, well, Facebook, there really should be a place where everyone can display what they have in the closet.

I figured I'd put something together where I could "share" the style of my own website with everyone else.

And so I did.

How Does it Work?

It's a secret.

Is it Hard to Create a Page?

You can *so* do this.

Essentially, it just like filling out a web form.

You do a little data entry, upload a couple pictures, and click submit.

The rest is taken care of automatically.

So, rest easy, you don't need to know HTML, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, Java, Perl, or anything else that'd make your geek radar go off. We've got you covered.

Are there Rules?

Do you really want to read a long "Terms of Service" paragraph? Good, cause I'd prefer not to have to write one.

The only rule is... don't be a dick.

Only add game used equipment -- or stuff that you think *should* be here. Diluting the content with goofy clipart or junk entries or tons of profanity just ruins it for everyone.

Is there a Catch?

I could beat around the bush but the short answer is... no. Maybe? How about, "Not yet?"

Here's the deal... We give you a page on website to showcase your collection among other collectors. We're not like Webshots or Flickr -- no family vacation snap shots mixed in. We're streamlined, organized, on topic, and make you look good.

Now, as you probably know, hosting a website isn't free yet we're offering you free hosting. Sounds like a great business plan, huh?

In a perfect world, we'd be able to cover our costs using cheezy and non-invasive advertising on everyone's page -- and yes, that's the initial goal. But the reality is that online advertising doesn't pay real well for publishers -- which is essentially what we are. We live in the real world and need to make sure we cover our costs so here's how it's going to go down...

When you register, we're giving you a free trial for the remainder of 2014. Upload as much content as you want, tell your friends to visit your site, and even market your stuff to try to sell of trade in the marketplace. Zero cost to you.

Wait, this Costs Money?

Woah... Hang on there. At the end of the year, after we evaluate our proposed losses, and if they're unbearable, we'll send you an email to re-new. As of right now, just off the top of my head, a 1-year membership will cost you, drum roll please... $12 ... but not until 2016 or so.

I know, I know... Twelve bucks sounds pretty steep but where are you going to find a host willing to host tons of pictures (and not overrun with clutter) for $1 per month? Do the math, that's less than 4 cents per day.

Yep, truth be told, this is a bargain. Sheesh -- it's FREE right now!?

Screw You -- I'm not paying for this...

Should you choose this option, suit yourself.

We won't delete your collection from the site (unless, of course, you ask us to) but you'll also no longer be able to login and update your listings. Yeah, that's right, your collection will begin to rot on the vine. For those of you that are no longer active in the hobby in 2014, well, winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Questions and/or Suggestions?

Have at it. We love the correspondence and all fresh ideas to make this place even better.

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